Geographical coordinates

Cuba, the greatest of the islands of the Great Antilles, is situated among the Atlantic Ocean, the Sea of the Antilles and the Gulf of Mexico, 200 kms offshore the southern extremity of the Florida.


Catholic majority.

Used languages



Weight (1$=26 pesoses). Pesos Cubano Convertible CUC 1 CUC = value of the American dollar – 10% around The most greater part of the good and services are able however to exclusively be purchased in equivalent convertible pesos.

Cellular Net

A local cellular net exists with limited coverage to some provinces of the island. They are exclusively usable cellular with American standard and it it is necessary to proceed to the activation through the company CUBACELL however (calle 28 n. 510, entre 5a y 7a; tel: 802222. The Italian cellular telephones GSM with contract of subscription to Omnitel, Tim or Wind or European  can be used in roaming with the local company C-Com; in the case of prepaid cards to the aforesaid operating only for the receipt and sms. The importation in the island of satellite cellular telephones is prohibited.

The use of the  cellular phone during the driving is forbidden safe in the case that you have on board the phone with  “live voice. device “

To call the Cuban numbers of cellular phones, will be necessary to prefer the number 5 for all the calls originated from cellular (es. 5 88XXXXX; 5 26XXXX).

To call from Cuban celll to fix phone net will be necessary to prefer anymore the number 0 the prefix of the province (es. for You Habana: 0 7 44xxxxxxxxxx).

Finally for by fix phone net to cellular the number must be preferred 05 (es. 05 88XXXXX; 05 26XXXXXXX). More you detail information can be retrieved on the site


Climatic situation

Tropical climate. The dry season has gone since December to April /May, with maximum temperatures around 30°

The cyclonic season has gone since June to November and the months of greater risk are October and November. For up-to-date information on the meteorological situation of the Caribbean zones to visit the site web of the Tropical Prediction Center in Miami (

Local Time

GMT-5; less 6 hours in comparison to Italy or -5 when in Europe we removes the legal time

Monetary formality

Is obligatory to declare the quantity of foreign money that introduces him in the island if this overcomes the 5.000 dollarsUSA. In absence of such declaration he exposes, to the exit from the Country, to the sequestration of the excess amount the 5000 dollars. You remembers that, for the American Block towardsCuba, the entry of dollars in this last Country is not cleared from the American authorities: so they are not possible dispatches of such currency from and towardCuba through the international banking system, neither the use of credit cards sent forth by American institutes neither of traveller’s cheque in dollarsUSA.

Necessary documentation for the expatriation

Passport: necessary and that you have a residual validity than at least three months during the arrival inCuba (and however with back expiration to the date of reentry inItaly if superior to three months of permanence).

Visa of entry:necessary; who purchases the trip from a tour operator it also receives generally the seen one; who individually travels it has to ask instead for it to the competent Consulate.

An is granted to the Italian tourists entirely seen of entry for the maximum period of thirty days, renewable for a maximum of further 60 days (90 general days), previous payment o of a government tax near the local offices of the authorities of immigration.


It is necessary besides to signal that the detention so decreed it foresees to load of the tourist the payment of a daily quota to firm of the relative expenses of board and lodging, for an amount of 15 dollars diaries.

Young persons been born in Italy by italo-Cuban mixed unions: we remembers that the young persons been born by mixed unions in Italian territory, although Italian citizens with to regulate passport, in the case of permanence in Cuba over the 90 days, they automatically purchase “for right of blood” the Cuban citizen and therefore, to be able to go out of the Country, must to carry out to the rigid dispositions that the fixed Cuban legislation in migratory subject for his citizens.

Sanitary situation

The sanitary structures, once good, can result deprived of the sanitary material and of medicines. it is advisable therefore that the visitor always brings an escort of the medicines of which y requires, above all if decide to approach themselves out of the capital and from the principal tourist places.

Endemic illnesses don’t exist. It doesn’t is necessary to make a preventive vaccinations. Nevertheless they are recorded in the last years periodic recurrences of some epidemic pathologies as the dengue and the haemorrhagic conjunctivitis, that ask for particular care in to follow the usual hygienic cautions organisms. You dissuades water’s consumption not bottled and the use of ice in the drinks.

In consideration of the climatic characteristics of the island and the to deteriorate themselves of the water system, is recommended to boil the water of the aqueduct before drinking it: better using mineral water sold in special containers.


You remembers that the embassy is not able to the terms of law to sustain medical and hospital expenses on behalf of the fellow countrymen, of it’ to be in judgment in them place.

You warmly recommends, for the motives that are explained here following, to all the Italian travellers to protect themselves of medical insurance against the accidents and accidents that can also be stipulated during the purchase of the ticket (near his own agency of trip).

In case of illness or accidents (also in absence of responsability), it is kept to pay in currency the possible assistance, as well as the expenses of intervention surgical and relative hospitalization that you could need ,in according to the gravity of the cases, amount to various thousand of dollars (6.000 dollars for a peritonitis with eight days of refuge, 25.000 dollars for more refuges long, around three weeks and inside complications).

The administrations of the hospitals ask for the punctual liquidation in dollars USA of the expenses sustained for “discharging “the patient; the missed payment, determines besides from the competent local authorities the denial to be able to repatriate.

In case of repatriation of emergency it is to keep well in mind the fact that the flights from Cuba in Italy are effected by Cubana de Aviacion-Blue Panorama (what it assures direct flights on Rome and Milan) or from Iberia (from Madrid), Air France (from Paris), British(from London). In every case a risk of overbooking especially exists in the periods of tall season. In the case instead of sanitary repatriations, the policies that can be stipulated to the action of the purchase of the ticket cover as a rule sanitary expenses up to around 3.500 dollars besides the expenses of reentry, aerial ticket for accompanying physician and his/her diaria.



Zones to risk

Situation safety

Cubadoesn’t introduce particular conditions of danger for the travellers, nevertheless they are increased in the last months episodes of common crime against the tourists, recorded particularly in the city ofSantiagoand in the capital (thefts, snatch and some cases of aggression).

Zones of caution

Especially in the nighttime hours it is opportune to adopt caution in the movements, avoiding to pass in the roads not illuminated (for black due out to energetic saving) also in the center of the cities as well as in those out of the center in the Havana (Havana Vieja),kind in the most popular districts (understood  the district “Center Avana”) and in some tourist places to the outskirts of the capital (how Guanabo).

Sure zones

Residential districts of the capital and tourist zones. In to visit the urban centers it recommends him to observe the normal safety precautions avoiding to display jewels, money and photographic instruments however.


We suggest, to exclusively put the valuables in the hand baggage during the aerial trip; to guard in sure place the documents of trip, money and values, turning with a copy of the document of recognition and with the necessary money for the day.

Don’t oppose resistance in case of aggression. To avoid to take taxi not authorized and to give passages to unknown people, kind along the motorway net.

You warmly advises to use above all besides prudence on the beaches, particularly in the zone of S.Maria Playas of the Este, where this year numerous they have been the thefts of purses left unguarded.

Whether to do in case of sudden necessity of money: we remember to you that the possibility to get cash from the embassy is for very limited law, with the obligation to the restitution of the sum also in the case of the citizen that are in state of real non resolvable emergency through the normal banking channels. So, to the fellow countryman that was had to suddenly find unprovided of money, it recommends him to directly contact the Cuban corporate body Asistur, ( Paseo of the Prado 254, The Havana, number of account 026299, tel. 338527, 338920 – fax 338087.

Particularly it needs that a person from Italy effects the payment of the in demand sum (with operation “swift”) that can be effected Only through a counter of the Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro (BNL) or of the Banca Popolare Antoniana Veneta (BPAV), in European or other coin that is not the dollar USA, for the Asistur checking account n. 000769 near the Banco Financiero Internacional in the Havana. You signals on the subject that the BNL and the BPAV are the Italian banking institutes in contact with Banco Financiero Internacional in theHavanadelegated to receive from the foreign countries such typology of payments. In the credit transfer it will owe the name of the beneficiary and every other useful element to be suitable to individualize him. Copy of the credit transfer must be sends away fax to the ASISTUR from the BNL or of the BPAV and not from the privacy that has effected the payment. The beneficiary, going itself to the Asistur when the operations above you mention has been effected, it will get, in real time, the sent sum changed in dollarsUSAwith a 10% deduction to title of errand. In alternative it is possible to make to effect a transfer of a sum, always in European or other coin that is not the dollar USA, near one of the following banks: Bamnco  de Credito y de Comercio, Banco Popular de Ahorro or Banco Metropolitano (what work, however, only in the Havana): the times are some longest (around 4 days). You can finally take him direct accords with r own bank so that allows collectings of mean cashes of credit card for the necessary amount.

Lodging near private residences: it behaves notably inferior costs in comparison to the hotel lodging. The law authorizes the lodging near private residences to the necessity trained, with the obligation from the landlord to record the leaseholder in special register near the offices of the police. The permanence in private residences not authorized, still frequent is illegal, and you can expose the tourist to administrative sanctions and, in certain cases, to the expulsion from the Country. The lodging near private residences exposes the tourist to greater risks of thefts or other criminal episodes however; this is also worth for other like the appeal to services not authorized (particularly unauthorized taxi that stay to the exit of the airport, to the outside of the hotels and in the principal tourist areas). Besides the residence or near a private residence, in the case in which this is not cleared, it behaves non light difficulty in the eventuality of theft or other episodes that brings damage to the foreigner, preventing or hindering the formulation of a report to the police, application as a rule for the reimbursement from the insurance. Finally, in case of cyclonic threat, it recommends him to take lodging near the hotel infrastructures of State, endowed with generating of tide and of best safety conditions.

Limit to the importations: the year can care once objects, new or used, thin to a maximum value of 250 dollars. Up to 50 dollars there is complete exemption from taxes, while the remainders 200 dollars are burdened from a 100% tax. They are free of tax also the medicines up to 10 kilos. And’ authorized the temporary importation with obligation of rexportations at the end of the stay of some appliances to personal use (es. hair dryer, electric razors, radio, recorders, photographic cars, ect. ect.). The temporary importation of laptop computer and cellular telephones is also admitted. And’ made absolute prohibition to import instruments DVD, electric frigoriferi,cucine, forni,ferri from I stretch and of all of this that can make to leaven the electric consumption in the country.

Limit to the exports: can be exported: up to 100 pesos national coin and 200 pesos convertible coin; cigars up to 23 loose unities without any document to be exhibited, in every case it recommends him to protect themselves to regulate invoice to avoid possible sequestrations of the merchandise;. The export of belonging good to the cultural patrimony, also when has been purchased in shops of the State or near authorized private retailers – for instance in the mercatinis of books, craftsmanship and present ancient objects in some of the zones to great tourist concentration – it is subject to rigorous norms and you can often behave the sequestration of the good themselves from the customs authorities. This happens when you come with belonging good to the National Patrimony in the case in which he is not able to exhibit the express authorization of the Office of the Culture; always, when you come with some museum pieces (they are considered men all the piecesthat are found in collections of the museums of the national net, or that assume an archaeological, historical, literary, educational, artistic, scientific and cultural value in general sense, and, having over fifty years of antiquity, is found in the national territory in possession of natural or juridical person). You recommends, kind in the case of pictures and old books, to require and to preserve the receipt verifying that there the special label is affixed.

For further information it is postponed to the page of the Cuban customs ( /).

Purchase of good and services: recommend him to always pretend the release of a receipt of payment. Such shrewdness is worth particularly in the case of activity that can involve risks of accidents (es. sporting and nautical activity) and for which a coverage is asked: in absence of such receipt, some guarantee doesn’t exist that the policy comes indeed stipulated by the seller.

Legal aid: Normally also for the smaller crimes a legal aid is necessary that you cannot be lent that from a Cuban lawyer. The defender is furnished by the Associations of the Lawyers of is Cuban and has to be paid in currency money, as also in currency money the possible security to be paid. And is opportune to signal that in many cases, as for instance also for a banal accident of auto that involves the necessity of checks of responsibility and an inquiry, to the accused, waiting for judgment, foot free and not in preventive incarceration, the exit can be interdicted from the Country. Situation this that – gives the times of celebration of the trial – could also continue for some months. In such cases, the  countryman waiting for judgment cannot practice any working activity, having entered the Country with tourist visa, what makes even more serious, on the economic plan, his forced permanence.

Prostitution and abuse of young persons: The prostitution is considered an antisocial behavior contrary to the revolutionary principles, severely opposed by the Cuban authorities kinds in the last years. Of particular gravity the crime of abuse is considered on smaller. The new legislation in approved subject in February 1999 foresees a great deal severe punishments is against the crimes of induction and pandering, that against the corruption of young persons (up to 30 years of imprisonment). Some  countrymen are to the moment held for crimes of such type with definitive sentences among six and fifteen years of imprisonment. It is necessary to underline that the Cuban law establishes a more rigid age limit, in comparison to that Italian, for the acquiescent sexual relations (16 years rather than 14). Besides the figure of the corruption of young persons reenters, according to the doctrine and the jurisprudence Cuban prevailing, in the category of the “formal crimes”, for which the declaration of the presumed injured part is enough – also in absence of other tests – for the formalization of the accusation and the installation of the penal judgment, with the consequence of a sort of “inversion of the burden of proof” that forces of fact the accused to prove his own innocence.

Traffic and consumption of drugs: Phenomenon that results in growth. You/he/she is faced with renewed attention from the authorities, both as it regards the traffic of drugs, both for the personal consumption. The new legislation in subject actually foresees sentences to the death penalty for the most serious cases of narcotraffico.

IT NOTICES WELL: in January 2003 the authorities’ Cuban have launched a real war to the consumption and the traffic of drugs. Arrests of foreigners  are also followed and the last trials numerous of it for connected crimes with the drug  have given sentences place severe.

You warmly recommends to watch out the maximum in to conduct vehicles or motorcycles. In base to the Cuban legislation, in fact, in case of deadly accidents or  damages to the person, the foreign citizen can be submitted to long restrictive measures of the liberty (arrest and detention) and in attends him some celebration of the relative trial  is not allowed him to leave the Cuban territory.

If finally convict (the punishments vary from 1 to 10 years of imprisonment for manslaughter), the foreign citizen obligatorily has to discount one least period of detention near the Cuban institutes of punishment.


To Cubathere is no compulsoriness Insurance for the private cars. They are covered instead by insurance the cars regularly taken to rental to condition that to the driving guide there is expressly the holder of the contract or other suitable person in the contract (there is more a surcharge in case drivers). In case of road accidents with other means of transport (to es. with a public taxi) he does present that the insurance of the company of the illiquid conveyor the damage if not after the penal trial, and in local currency.

Insurance: E:S:E:N. (undertaken of government insurance): / important address Asistur Tel.: +53 7 8664499 Fax: +53 7 8668527 E-mail: Internet: Asistur is the only corporate  organizationCubain representation of the societies assicurative and of assistance foreigners.


Cats and dogs

The dogs or the cats can have cared if accompanied by a certificate of good health released by a veterinarian. The dogs must be accompany also from a certificate of vaccination against the anger. And’ necessary to require pre-emptive an authorization of the services Cuban consolari in the Country of origin.

Any animal imported toCubais submitted at the most to the arrival to one period of quarantine of 2 weeks.

Drive License

Italian or one of an European country

Ordinary road net

60.000 kms. Speed limit on all the roads and highways: 90 km/hs, safe in the cases where suitable is expressly otherwise.

Railway net

4.400 kms

Naval Ports

Havana,Santiago de Cuba,Cienfuegos.



The principal international airport is the Josè Martì (The Havana). There are then airports to Varadero,Santiago, Saint Clara, Ciego de Avila,Holguin, Cayo Largo andCamaguey.


The public transport, for the economic crisis currently in action, is strongly penalized. The urban service is not frequent and the buses are very crowded; To use the local connections l is necessary to reserve a place with advance. You recommends to use the services offered by the buses of the line “Viazul”, reserved to the foreigners.

Attention: the auto circulation, out of town kind is subject to frequent non-observances of the norms of the road code. Gives the circulation of numerous bicycles, many accidents are caused by the scarce visibility of these means of transport, lacking of any device of bright or reflecting signaling. Since the administrations of the hospitals ask for the punctual liquidation in dollarsUSAof the sustained expenses, the facing suggestion renews him to stipulate a special insurance that also foresees the involvement of bystanders in car accident.

You warmly recommends to have the maximum attention in to conduct vehicles or motorcycles. In base to the Cuban legislation, in fact in case of deadly accidents or damages to the person, the foreign citizen can be submitted to long restrictive measures of the liberty (arrest and detention) and in attends him some celebration of the relative trial is not allowed him to leave the Cuban territory. If finally convict (the punishments vary from 1 to 10 years of imprisonment) the foreign citizen obligatorily has to discount one least period of detention near the Cuban institutes of punishment.

Assisted road:

Asistur is the only organism of representation of the societies of assistance foreigners. It can organize the medical assistance, the repatriation, the financial assistance and legal for the visitors, as well as the road help of the vehicles:

Asistur tel.: +53-7-8664499 fax: +53-7-8668087 e-mail: Internet: Help: tel.: (+53 7) 8668 527/339/920 fax. (+53 7) 8668 087 e-mail: Ministerio de Turismo Ministerio de Turismo Calla lily 19, No. 710 Entre Paseo y A. Vedado The Havana tel. +35 7 334 319 fax +35 7 334 086 e-mail: e-mail: site web:  

Car rental

There are numerous working societies in the sector. You recommends in to rent a car ,remember to verify some state of usury of the tires. 


super gasoline (without lead): 0,97 dollars to the liter; diesel: 0,49 dollars to the liter;


For an alenco of the hotel structures reference can be made to es. to the Cuban site: / Ministerio de Turismo Calle lily 19, No. 710 Entre Paseo y A. Vedado Habana Tel.: 7-334319 Fax: 7-334086 e-mail: e-mail: Internet:

Address tourist office in Italy

Corporate body of the Tourism of Cuba Via Fara, 30 – 20124 Milan Tel.: 02 66981463 Fax: 02 6690042 Site web:

Address Embassy in Italy

Embassy of Cuba in the Italian State Street Licinia,7 – 00153 Rome Tel: 065717241 – 5782032 Fax: 06 5745445 (Sez: to console competent on the whole Center-south-Italy beginning from Tuscany-brands, included islands) Site web Embassy: Consulate General of Milan: opening to the public from Monday to Friday from the hours 9:00 to 12:00 4, Arc street 20121 Milan Tel: 02866167; Fax: 02866166 (competent on the whole North-Italy beginning from the Emilia-Romagna)

Addresses of Embassy Of Italy at Havana

Embassy of Italy at Havana 5ta Ave. N. 402 esqs. 4, Miramar The Havana Tel: (00537) 2045615 Fax: (00537) 2045659-2045661 cellular  service: 00537/8805417 E-mail:;;;

Other addresses

Indications for transactors: The transactors can turn for information to the Commercial Office of the embassy to The Havana, as well as to the Chamber of Commerce of Cuba (calla lily 21 n.661s esquina Á. Vedado); the office competent ICE for the island has center in the City of Mexico.

Drive Informations

It drives to the right, passing to the left. ALCOHOLIC RATE IN THE BLOOD Some legal limit of tolerance is not anticipated towards the drivers. The police can submit the driver that has comesso an infringement to test or that has involved in an accident. FINES IT IS OTHER SANCTIONS Fines on the place: you are raised by the police in case of excess of speed or smaller infringements. Least fines and mottos The fines are paid in the offices to the purpose designate. The tourists or the people that don’t firmly reside toCubahave to pay the fines in convertible pesos or in American dollars. The suspension of the licence from 1 month to 1 is applied in the following cases:

  • when more than 2 serious infringements they have been orders during one inferior period to one year;
  • when more than an infringement is committed under influence of alcoholic during one inferior period to one year.

The suspension of the licence from 1 to 3 is applied in the following cases:

  • when the holder guide a vehicle I deprive of plates of registration for more than 2 times during one inferior period to one year;
  • when the holder of a provisional permission of guide contravenes to the special applicable rules towards the beginners.

The suspension of the licence from 3 to 5 is applied in the following cases:

  • when the licence has been suspended for more than 2 times during one inferior period a 2 years;
  • when a serious infringement is committed in the one year-old space at the end of a preceding suspension;
  • in the case in which a motorist is surprised to the guide of a vehicle to motor during the period of suspension of his/her licence.

OBLIGATORY EQUIPMENTSafety belts and seat for children: The driver and the passenger of the anterior seat of a vehicle to motor endowed with safety belts have the obligation to wear her. Helmet of protection for bikers: Of rule is obligatory to wear it from the beginning of 2003. Documents for the vehicles temporarily imported Private motor can temporarily have cared behind accomplishment of the customs clearances to the entry in the Country. The customs Authorities can ask for the payment of a bid bond. The duration of the period of temporary importation is of 30 days extendable to other 30 ggs. on application.

Speed Limits

General speed limits:

  • in the urban centers: 50 km/hs
  • principal roads: 90 km/hs
  • highways: 100 km/hs

Particular speed limits: In proximity of the schools:

  • in the urban centers: 40 km/hs
  • out of the urban centers: 60 km/hs



Cubainvites its visitors to take taken several gadgets like souvenirs and memories of a pleasant vacation. To part of the sensations and of the emotions lived during  their vacations, you will have the possibility to buy some really unique products, inside which we will enumerate the most famous here.


  The famous Cuban rum is maybe one of the best rums in the world and in Cuba it is available in different qualities and old. Inside the several available marks we point out: Amalia – Arechavala – Bariay – Bucanero – Cajio – Caney – Caribbean Club – Cienfuegos – corsario – Cubanacan – Cubay – Damují – Decano – Edmundo Dantes – El Valle – Havana Club – Jagua – Jardines del Rey – La Palma – Legendario – Mulata – Oro Sur – Paticruzao (Los Marinos) – Perla del Norte – Pinilla – Puerto Príncipe – Relicario – Santa Cruz – Santiago – Siboney – Varadero – Vigía – Villa Clara (V.C.) – Yucayo –


 The Havanatobacco is always considered one of the best in the world. The factory Cigars CORP. offers different forms and different tobacos qualities for each one of the following marks of pure Havana Tobaco: Bauzá – Belinda – Bolívar – Cohiba – Cuaba – El Rey del Mundo – Fonseca – Guantanamera – H. Upmann – Hijos de Cabañas y Carvajal – Hoyo de Monterrey – José L. Piedra – Juan López – La Corona – La Gloria Cubana – Montecristo – Pártagas – Por Larrañaga – Punch – Quai D’Orsay – Quintero – Rafael González – Ramón Allones – Romeo y Julieta – Sant Louis Rey – San Cristóbal de la Habana – Sancho Panza – Statos de Luxe – Trinidad – Troya – Vegas Robaina – Vegueros. The best marks are respectively it Restrains, Pártagas and Montecristo. But, that is known, everything also depends on the likes of the client.


Cubais also a great producing of coffee that many fans define “strong and flavorful.” Among the best marks present in the market, we can mention Turquino y Serrano these coffees are the best toasted, at least). The other marks are:: Cubita (the most diffused one) – Altura – Caracolillo – Cristal – Hola – Indiana – Monte Rouge (Monterrú) – Pilón – Tropicana


The popular Cuban music take place, during of last century, to a quantity of figures that they have been made notice. We can find them in almost music’s stores, either in format CD that or tapes. You will find here a list of singers here and of musical groups, keeping however in mind that this enumeration only represents a small part of the Cuban musical production: Abelardo Barroso – Arsenio Rodríguez – Barbarito Díez – Bebo Valdés – Beny Moré – Blanca Rosa Gil – Bola de Nieve – Cachao – Carlos Puebla – Celina González – El Guayabero – Elena Burke – Enrique Jorrín – Ernesto Lecuona – Esther Borja – Irakere – José Antonio Méndez – José María Vitier – Joseito Fernández – La Lupe – Los Compadres – Los Van Van – María Teresa Vera – Merceditas Valdés – Miguelito Cuní – Moraima Secada – Nico Membiela – Ñico Saquito – Omara Portuondo – Orlando Contreras – Orlando Vallejo – Orquesta Aragón – Orquesta Casino de la Playa – Orquesta Maravillas de Florida – Pablo Milanés – Paulina Alvarez – Pérez Prado – Rita Montaner – Septeto Nacional – Silvio Rodríguez – Sindo Garay – Tito Gómez – Trío Matamoros And now a list of the last groups up to date of Cuba: Adalberto Alvarez y su Son – Agonizer – Ángel Bonne – Azúcar Negra – Bamboleo – Buena Fe – Carlos Manuel y su Clan – Chispa y los Cómplices – Colé Colé – Cubanos en la Red – Issac Delgado – Juego de Manos – Klímax – La Charanga Forever – La Charanga Habanera – Manolito y su Trabuco – Manana Reggae – Michel Maza – Moneda Dura – NG La Banda – Obsesión – Orishas – Salsa Mayor – Sur Caribe – Pupy y los que Son Son – Pedrito Calvo – Son Candela – Paulito y su Elite – S.B.S.


The literature (and also the painting) Cuban has won a lot of consideration with regard to other Cuban arts. There are some published authors here that in Cuba they can be easily founded:Alejo Carpentier – Cirilo Villaverde – Eliseo Diego – Emilio Ballagas – Fernando Ortiz – José Lezama Lima – José Martí – Julián del Casal – Lino Novas Calvo – Miguel Barnet – Nicolás Guillén – Virgilio Piñera


InCuba they can be big Cuban painters’ of the XX century opposing reproductions, as:   

Arístides Fernández

Marcelo Pogolotti

Amelia Peláez

Mariano Rodríguez

Antonio Gattorno

René Portocarrero

Carlos Enríquez

Servando Cabrera

Domingo Ravenet

Victor Manuel

Eduardo Abela

Wifredo Lam

Fidelio Ponce

Jorge Arche

Of the current painters we can buy canvases, pósteres or original works. It is obligatory to obtain an original certificate if you want to export the bought work. The following artists are recommended:

Alicia Leal

Leslie Sardiñas

Alfredo Sosabravo

Manuel López Oliva

Cosme Proenza

Manuel Mendive

Elsa Mora

Nelson Domínguez

Ernesto Rancaño

Pedro Pablo Oliva

Ever Fonseca

Roberto Fabelo

Flora Fong

Zaida del Río

Juan Roberto Diago